Acorn Park Newsletter – 26 Feb 2021

Acorn Park Family Newsletter

February 26th 2021


Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. While we are enjoying the new plant and animal life springing up around the site, and the days are getting longer, we recognise that everyone is fatigued with Lockdown and anxious about the long road ahead to recovery from the pandemic. We know that children watch the news and that the media is talking about catch-up and Summer Schools and that plans are not yet clear for the Summer ahead in terms of  government expectations. We want pupils and parents to know that we recognise all this and want to support you. Our FAPs team are on hand and we will be putting work in for all our pupils from 8th March around the next steps for their education coming out of Lockdown.

Return to School for ALL pupils

As you know, all pupils, unless holding a shielding letter, are expected to return to school on 8th March. This is an expectation laid out by the Government. During the course of next week, our FAPS team will be contacting families to discuss how best to support the return to school for those pupils still home learning. We will also be publishing to you information around testing for staff and pupils.

Coffee Morning

The next Virtual Coffee Morning is 11th March – more information next week – 9.30-11am

Covid Consents

Please return any outstanding forms.

Your Class Contact – FAPS

Jenny is the contact for Milne, Sissay, Ahlberg, Dahl, Kerr, Rowling, Morpurgo

Melissa is the contact for Golding, Nichols, Steinbeck, Tolkein, Orwell, Pratchett, Dickens, Shakespeare, Seuss, Zephaniah


Shining this week…

Nic in Nicholls – excellent engagement in the curriculum

Harley in Kerr – I spotted wonderful listening and enjoyment in your lesson on Technology

Alfie in Seuss 2 – I love the way you enjoy lunch in the Refectory with your Classmates

Well done to you all

Stay safe and have a wonderful week – Pip