Pi Day

This year, we will be celebrating pi day at Acorn Park.  This special day was first celebrated in America in 1988 by a small group of Exploratorium workers.  The date was set as 14th March as the American date format puts this date as 3.14 which is the most common approximation of pi.  Since then, it has snowballed into an International day.  This year, 14th March is a Sunday, so we will celebrate on Monday 15th March.  The day is one for mathematicians, engineers and scientists to celebrate this amazing number.  It is also Einstein’s birthday.  As we have some budding mathematicians, scientists and engineers of the future at Acorn Park, we felt that it was a good thing for us to celebrate.  We can also celebrate by eating pie if we are not mathematical!  We will be having a competition with a small prize for the student who can recite the most digits of pi.  The world record is 67,890!!  We don’t expect anywhere near that, of course.