Transition week has been so much fun in Steinbeck class!  We have had three days jam packed with activities which students and staff alike have enjoyed. We started the week with an escape room, solving puzzles to escape a virtual haunted school and in the afternoon watched a movie with popcorn. We celebrated Chocolate Day in style with a blind chocolate taste test and then made our own designer chocolate bars. We ended the three days with a local history trip to New Buckenham Castle. We enjoyed a picnic in the castle grounds followed by a play at the local park. New Buckenham is a village so full of history, the students were amazed at the sight of a medieval whipping post and the full moat surrounding the castle. We made our own pizzas on Tuesday from scratch, letting the dough rise and stretching it Italian style. Some went flying around the classroom when we tried to stretch it by spinning it, but most of it was still edible. Transition week has been declared the best three days of the year!