After a discussion as a class on Thursday with some of the peers being reluctant to go to Banham Zoo, we discussed about different potential places and as a class it was decided they would like to go to One Life Left.  The parents were amazing in returning the consent forms to give permission for them to go.

Before we left the class on Friday 16th July, the children sat down earlier than normal after transition from taxi’s and discussed the plan for the day with staff and helped to decide on the rules for the trip, and each signed the piece of paper to agree to them!

They discussed where they would all like to sit in the transport and understood that one of them needed to sit in the middle to avoid any travel sickness.

When we parked in Norwich, they all sat on the grass together to eat a picnic. We then walked all together to One Life Left where they showed good road safety, listening to staff when they said to stop, or wait at certain points.

Whilst in One Life Left the class did amazing sharing on the different consoles and games, and were very kind to the lady in the shop who went above and beyond helping them out with the different games they wanted to play.  They all said it was the BEST DAY EVER! and wanted to go again!

As a class team we are very proud of how they behaved during the trip, and cannot recommend One Life Left enough for Autistic children, where they were able to explain to me all the changes they can do to help them!