On Tuesday the 3rd of May a group of Art GCSE and Media Art students went on a trip to the Sainsbury Centre art gallery on the UEA campus. After arriving at 10 the trip began with an artist-guided tour of the Pablo Picasso exhibition. The exhibition, titled ‘Pablo Picasso: The Legacy of Youth’ contained many of the artist’s early works. Students were encouraged to select the pieces that most inspired them and to then sketch out their own recreations. After this, students and staff attended an experimental workshop using a variety of mediums and tools to create patterns and alternative art pieces in a sensory, collaborative experience.

After finishing the workshop and turning out some very original and creative artworks, we enjoyed a warm lunch break sitting in the sun next to some of the Sainsbury Centre’s main sculptures.  After lunch, the students engaged on a self-guided walk through the ‘Rhythm and Geometry, Constructivist Art in Britain’ exhibition until 2pm when we left and safely travelled back to Acorn Park.