Steinbeck class visited the Norfolk Tank Museum. All the students and staff had a fantastic day and were impressed with the knowledge of the volunteers who worked at the museum. They were given a guided tour of each of the tanks and told the story behind each one, which war it had served in, which weapons it used, the damage it might do or take and how the crew survived inside.  The students were able to climb inside the tanks and experience what it might have been like to be tank crew. The volunteers told us stories about how one crew had to survive sealed inside the tank for a week during the Second World War and how another tank was used to cross 6 foot trenches in WW1.

The students were allowed to handle weapons from the Boer War right through to weapons from modern conflicts. They were very privileged to be able to go on a ride in a tank across an assault course.

The day was topped off with a trip to MacDonalds.