Last Friday a group of art students went to Thetford for the afternoon. Once they had arrived, they enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park.  All the students ate well and made sure all the rubbish went into the bin.  They took in the views and three students explored the local mount.  After a trip to the local bakery, they experienced a Portuguese delicacy of an egg custard tart.  A first experience for all of them.

After another short drive they arrived at the charity shop.  Although they were thoroughly excited as a group, they remained polite throughout their exploration.  Some students settled on their purchases early and they helped the staff with the remaining students.  Advice, cooperation and inspiration was freely given.  The day was about recycling and re purposing any item they wanted to purchase.

Everybody returned to Acorn Park with their purchases ready to transform them into something new.  These transformations will be displayed at Acorn Fest.