This year students at the end of Key Stage Three have been very well prepared for their move into Key Stage Four. The school has arranged three carefully planned transition days for the students to spend in their new classrooms with new classmates and staff.

The new Orwell class is made up of students from Steinbeck and Pratchett and we have had three amazing, fun filled days. On the first transition day we watched movies, played Uno and participated in Adele’s Great Chocolate Quiz which involved tasting 15 different kinds of chocolate, drinks and crisps and guessing what they were. The second day was all about cooking, we baked flapjacks and cheese puffs which were all consumed in super quick time!  We also spent some time playing basketball and a homemade game involving a big foam ball and oversized baseball bat and ended with a game of Monopoly.   On the third day we went to visit New Buckenham Castle for a picnic in the grounds. Everyone had fun rolling down the grassy banks and exploring inside the ruin. We stopped in the village afterwards for an ice cream and to look at the historic whipping post then visited the local park before an afternoon playing Yu-gi-uh. The students have been fantastic and would have liked to stay in their new class group for the rest of term, they are well prepared for September and know that there will be no surprises on their return to school.

Well done new Orwell students on such a smooth and fun transition.