“They put the children first. They keep the children safe and happy, and keep them moving forwards. You can’t ask for better than that.  The staff are lovely. They are absolutely marvellous and so dedicated with the kids.  I’m kept in the loop constantly. I never feel she’s not my child or that somebody’s taken her away from me. She is still my child: very much so.”  (Jordan’s Mum)

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Jordan’s Story







“You walk away with a heavy heart but also with a lighter feeling of knowing he’s OK: knowing that he’s going to be safe and he’s going to be well cared for.  Tony’s learned an awful lot from the staff at Acorn Park. They’ve done really, really well with him and I’m so pleased.”  (Tony’s Mum)

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Tony’s Story






“Sean has been able to share his interests and loves describing and talking through what he is doing…he now has the confidence to see that he has a place in the world and is as much a part of it as anyone else.”  (Sean’s Father)

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Sean’s Story






“We are extremely grateful to the amazing staff at Acorn Park for all their hard work in ensuring our son is happy, healthy and fulfilled in life.”  (Oliver’s Mum)

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Oliver’s Story


17-year-old Jason is now in his final year here at Acorn Park and it’s clear to see that he is enjoying life. Since joining Acorn Park, Jason has made remarkable progress.

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Jason’s Story