Residential Care

Home from Home

Above everything we want children to be healthy, happy and safe here at Acorn Park. Within purpose built individual homes, small family groups of two or three carefully selected children will live together.. The homes are well equipped, with large gardens, bright and spacious communal living areas and large bedrooms most with ensuite bathrooms.

Children and young people get involved in every aspect of family life, from decorating their bedrooms, to helping with the cooking, where it’s appropriate, and even organising social activities. Depending on the needs of the children, some carers will sleep overnight in the home and others will night wake.

For residents with communication needs, the homes are equipped with signs using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and we have ground floor rooms for those who struggle to use stairs. As they get older, we encourage young people to develop greater independence by cooking, cleaning and budgeting for their weekly needs.


Healthy Relationships

Each child has a key worker and a small team of carers with whom they develop strong and trusting relationships. Each family home will have two teams of carers who share the responsibility for supporting children in that house. The carers will be there when the children get up in the morning, they’ll help them get ready for the day and they’ll also pick them up from school, prepare their meals and put them to bed.

Carers take on many parental responsibilities by helping children to make healthy choices, setting and enforcing the appropriate boundaries and monitoring their development. They also help children and young people through times of sadness or disappointment, celebrate their successes and simply have fun together.

Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is so important at Acorn Park and we are fortunate to have teaching and nursing staff onsite working with carers to help our children flourish. The teaching staff who support children during the day give a detailed handover to our carers, so their education can be supported with activities at home.

In addition, our wider team of speech and occupational therapists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists are on hand to support children with very specific areas of their development as needed.