Therapy at Acorn Park

  • Aligned to the Statement of Purpose of Acorn Park School the Clinical Service is embedded and integrated into the daily life of students
  • We support students to:
  • Reach their full potential
  • Increase independence
  • Improve the quality of life and well being
  • Enable and promote positive outcomes at all times

The integration of clinical interventions and practices is a vision shared by all the services in the school including education and residential services.

What does the Clinical Service Offer

To provide a responsive and high-quality service, we will:

  • Complete a multidisciplinary assessment of the student’s needs
  • Work with pupils, teaching staff and families to create a shared understanding of the student’s strengths and areas for development
  • Plan a multi-disciplinary intervention using evidence-based practice to build on the student’s strengths and develop new skills and independence
  • Set goals that break down our plan of intervention into manageable steps
  • Monitor and review goals alongside provision to ensure that we are providing an effective service and helping the student to make progress which are fed into the EHCP reviews
  • Capture the outcomes to demonstrate clinical effectiveness so that students make progress in line with their learning needs
  • Specialising in autism, the service offers a wide range of evidence-based assessments and interventions that are in line with best practice, current research and the NICE Guidelines.
  • We identify the therapy provision that is required for each therapy discipline based on the level of need so that the interventions are person-centred
  • The intervention streams include ‘universal’ ‘enhanced’ and ‘specialist’ levels of provision. This enables all students to access clinical support tailored to their individual level of need within the wider context of Acorn Park School’s autism-specific environment.


We care, we strive, we grow, we thrive!

The school’s ethos is underpinned by a guiding principle that the students are placed at the heart of everything we do. This means supporting them to achieve their potential, but much more than this, it means making sure that the things that are important to them are important to us. We make every effort to make sure that the young people are respected as individuals, and encouraged to exercise choice, whether this is about a colour of duvet cover, a special diet, or celebrating particular religious and cultural festivals, and every member of staff is tasked with advocating for the young people they work with. We make sure that we work in partnership with families, recognising that we share a commitment to the students’ welfare and valuing the knowledge and experience that family members offer.