A safe and happy environment — from age six to adulthood.

Set in 30 acres of Norfolk countryside, Acorn Park School is a place for autistic children to live, learn and play.

Like Theo, who spent more than eight months out of mainstream education before joining Acorn Park.

His dad, Simon, says:

‘You can see the benefit of Theo being at a specialist school — he’s happier.’

Mum Amanda agrees, explaining:

‘The staff here are brilliant with him — very patient, kind and supportive — nothing phases them.’

Changing families lives

Acorn Park’s welcoming accommodation, smaller class sizes and specialist staff help increase young people’s confidence and skills.

By supporting them in realising their potential as children, we enable them to approach adulthood with conviction and capability.

Watch the video to see our school, meet our staff and learn more about how Acorn Park provides the support and care that autistic young people need.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us via the details below.